You name it - we've got it: Unladylike karate chops, ungentlemanly behaving, spirited gymnastics, corrective table manners, sandbox jousting, or a muscle bound cat wrestling with a roaring sports car, intent upon squashing him like a GRAPE! Bizarre kidney and chassis rattling chases and, for the first time in the continuum, a haymaking, belly-busting, karate-kicking, judo-chopping fight to end them all. Superwoman against man. The prize? Eternity itself. Slashing, tackling, gouging, packing, flipping, belting, smashing and blasting, muscle to muscle, bone to bone, forever and ever without end. This is... TEMPUS SATANA!


released August 22, 2012
End Fink - fuzz guitar, reverb tank, no showers, stink, Varla

The Sea Hagg - fuzz bass, weed, women, Rosie

Baby Fred - fuzz drums, shit production, nice things, Billie



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END FINK & The GABA Agonist MC Atlanta, Georgia

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