I don't know 'bout where you come from, but down here in Atlanta we got ourselves a full blown vigilante goes by the name a "Street Weasel". When not using hobos for speedbags, Street Weasel likes to shoot bikers, skaters, punks, hip hop people, hippies, rockers, drag racers, and jay walkers. None of this "you're going to jail" shit for the Weasel - you mess with him you're going to one of two places - the hospital, or the morgue. I ain't afraid'a much, but this nutbag makes me nervous. Consider this a cautionary song.


released August 29, 2012
End Fink - fuzz guitar, reverb tank, no showers, stink, beg for mercy

The Sea Hagg - fuzz bass, weed, women, smile and comply

Baby Fred - fuzz drums, shit production, nice things, avert eyes



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END FINK & The GABA Agonist MC Atlanta, Georgia

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