Glasstic Surgery

by END FINK & The GABA Agonist MC



Sometimes it becomes apparent that a man has a serious illness in the mouthal area. Usually this occurs at a bar when he's full of that ol' hooch and he can't get a grip on his handicap. In these cases, it behooves a gentlemen to 'help a brother out' and perform some impromptu surgical procedure with any sharp object handy (beer bottle, booze bottle, shot glass if you have to). The intended effect is to cut the sufferer's face and 'relieve the pressure'. He'll thank you. From a distance, sure, but he will.


released August 10, 2012
End Fink - fuzz guitar, reverb tank, no showers, stink, Well Whiskey

The Sea Haag - fuzz bass, weed, women, Jack Daniels

Baby Fred - fuzz drums, shit production, DRY, Pills and Weed ONLY



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